Reiki Master for Orpington and Bromley

Specialising as an alternative therapist in Orpington, Petts Wood, Bromley and Beckenham

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Peaceful Buddha Reiki Orpington

Reiki Master Orpington

As a Reiki Master I can teach you and treat you with Reiki. This is a very gentle energy.

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Stones Life Alignment Orpington

Life Alignment

This is a therapy that can help to deal with the root of any emotional and physical problems.

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Gentle Bowen massage Orpington

Bowen Therapist

Bowen is a very gentle treatment which has the potential to treat all sorts of conditions.

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Reiki Healer Bromley

Reiki Healer Bromley

As a Reiki Healer in Bromley I can teach you or treat you with the gentle energy of Reiki.

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McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release

Reduce scarring and alleviate the physical and psychological impact of scar tissue.

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Learn to Develop Psychic Abilities

Learn what it looks like, feels like, how to connect and how to unlock your senses.

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The Doterra Aromatouch Technique is a clinical approach to applying essential oils.

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Kind words from clients...

"I appreciate many people will pass Reiki off as 'Mumbo Jumbo' or just coincidence, however I would say to these sceptics, if you do not try you will never know. You will be amazed at the positivity that comes from a session. It can help you get your self confidence and self belief back."

Suzanne Elsey, Furnishing Interiors

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Meet Anne...

I received Reiki and Life Alignment for myself and felt that it had helped me on a personal level with all areas of my life. It helped me so much I wanted to learn the therapies so I could help others to become the best version of themselves they can be.

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Anne Duneclift sitting