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Bowen therapy Bromley

Bowen Therapist

Bowen is a very gentle treatment which has the potential to treat all sorts of conditions.

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Deep tissue massage orpington

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage will help to free trapped nerves, oxygenate poorly circulated areas and allow the spine and joints to relax into alignment.

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Emmett Technique

Emmett Technique

A unique body healing therapy involving gentle, light finger pressure on specific body points to release tension in the muscles causing pain.

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Life alignment

Helping You Heal Yourself

This is a therapy that can help to deal with the root of any emotional and physical problems.

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Lymphatic Drainage - Bromley and Orpington

Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphatic Drainage sessions aim to aid fluid in the body. It is greatly relaxing and is carried out lying down.

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Mcloughlin scar tissue release

McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release

Reduce scarring and alleviate the physical and psychological impact of scar tissue.

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Number one test based nutrition

A wide range of products for products, please contact me for more information

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Reiki healer Bromley

Reiki Healer Bromley

As a Reiki Healer in Bromley I can teach you or treat you with the gentle energy of Reiki.

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Reiki master Orpington

Reiki Master Orpington

As a Reiki Master I can teach you and treat you with Reiki. This is a very gentle energy.

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Sports massage Orpington

Sports Massage

Massage sessions to target common sports injuries such as muscular strains and tightness.

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The Balance Procedure

The Balance Procedure

Are you living your life in balance? The Balance Procedure will help you learn who you really are.

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Kind words from clients...

"Just before Christmas I was in agony with my back pain. I wasn't in a good place at all; physically mentally or emotional.I hit rock bottom - with excruciating pain in all my joints. Doctors visits, blood tests and very strong painkillers with terrible side effects, I decided this was not the solution.

I made an appointment with Anne, I was welcomed by a very friendly and smiley face. Anne listened to me and suggested we start with Bowen Therapy. I lay on the bed in her studio, calming music and soothing smells of essential oils relaxed me. I didn't know what to expect, "something between physio and osteopath but not chiro" I thought as Anne had explained it was gentle. However I  wasn't expecting it to be as gentle as it was. Anne applied light pressure to certain parts of my body with intervals of rest to relieve any blockages - none of the massaging, teasing manipulation of the body I'd prepared for myself. How will this work I thought? At the end of the session, I was advised to drink plenty of water and rest. Which I did - I slept for 3 hours surprisingly drained and tired considering the lack of exertion. Over the following couple of days, my pains eased and I was mobile again.

During the last 6 sessions I had a variation of the Bowen Therapy, Reiki and life Alignment. They helped me overcome the physical pain and manage the mental and emotional stress of my life. Through life Alignment and Reiki I have been able to tackle and resolve some of my personal 'baggage'. I have been able to explore and expose things that are holding me back and causing unhappiness, giving me a better understanding of how to deal with them.Anne, I thank you for all of this."


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Meet Anne...

I received Reiki and emotional support for myself and felt that it had helped me on a personal level with all areas of my life. It helped me so much I wanted to learn the therapies so I could help others to become the best version of themselves they can be.

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Creating Health and Harmony - Anne Duneclift