Anti-ageing Natural Health Products Restore Your Cellular Health

As a complimentary therapist it is very important that I look after my health.

I have always been passionate about helping my clients with all aspects of their health not only during our one to one sessions but also when they are not with me. Life has never been more challenging on both our mental and physical health.

Last year, I started to experience the affects of the menopause… mild brain fog, hot flushes (and a few more symptoms started to creep up on me!) along with inflammation in the joints in my hands meaning I had stopped wearing my rings and was finding some simple tasks around the house more challenging.

I was introduced to a range of natural health products by a friend, that are all based around restoring your cellular health (this was new to me at the time). Within a week of taking them, my hands were back to normal (I was wearing my rings again!) and all menopausal symptoms were gone. These products focus on removing inflammation from our bodies, which is the root cause of over 200 chronic and degenerative diseases.

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After doing some intense due diligence into the independent research and science behind these natural products, I decided that recommending them to my clients was a no brainer. I wanted to help people sleep better, have more energy, ache less and gain mental clarity, plus a lot more!!

Benefits of Natural Health Products

  1. Supports cellular health and well being.
  2. Comprised mainly of natural plant ingredients.
  3. Paraben free or without parabens.
  4. Backed by science.

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I wasn’t the only member of my family to see positive changes, my son has Autism and ADHD which means he suffers from anxiety and often gets angry and struggles to understand other people’s feelings. There is a massive amount of research showing people with learning difficulties lack enough glutathione (an enzymes our body produces in abundance when we are young). Protandim NRF2 increases our own bodies production of glutathione by 300%, which has so many amazing health benefits. It has been a joy to see my son so much calmer and thoughtful since he has been on it.

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