Tarot Reading With Life Alignment in Bromley and Orpington

When reading your Tarot I use my Life Alignment, intuitive and listening skills. In this way I can help empower my clients to make any necessary changes.

I like to use the words helping my clients to transform and change, as part of life is evolving and growing, otherwise we stagnate and our life situations stay the same and we don’t learn our lessons that are vital for our growth and health.

My job is to guide you through the tarot cards to assist you in uncovering issues and/or to support you to make the changes and empower you to do so.

If my client is ready and wants to make quick changes in their lives, then I would suggest seeing them on a regular basis, depending on the progress they wish for.

Often when people think of tarot they think of predictions and the future being mapped out, as this is influenced by our free will it can’t be, as we all have free will to change our thought processes.

I will take you through a journey of your past, present and future through the tarot cards and guide you step by step, making suggestions.

Each reading lasts around an hour.

Benefits of Tarot Reading

  1. Gain clarity.
  2. Strengthen your decision making.
  3. Gain control of your life.
  4. Find peace.


Per reading – £60


 Begin Life Alignment

Contact me to find out more on how I help my clients or to book your appointments  0776 628 6496 or send me an email via my contact page.

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