The Balance Procedure in Orpington & Bromley

Are you living your life in balance?

Or perhaps you are experiencing some of the below symptoms or other issues:

  • Self Doubt
  • Sabotage
  • Relationship Issues
  • Weight Issues
  • Physical symptoms, such as headaches, back pain

Perhaps you feel life isn’t going in the right direction!

The Balance Procedure will help you learn who you really are, what you really want and need in your life.
I will help you to balance yourself with the unique set of 9 TBP cards and in the process identify any personal issues going on in your life that are throwing you out of balance.
At the end of the session you will be excited and able to use TBP for yourself for all aspects of your life.

You will only need one session to learn to begin this technique however students often want and benefit to go deeper and help release this patterns on a one to one. Or they go on my workshops.


  • You will be able to identify triggers that throw you off balance.
  • Understand the true power of your thoughts and imagination.
  • Who you are.
  • What you want.
  • Where you are now.
  • What your limiting beliefs are.

What Benefits Will You Get From the Balance Procedure

  • Reduces Stress
  • Improves general well being and health
  • Improves your mental state of mind
  • Increases Confidence
  • Improves your mood
  • Increase your body’s ability to heal itself
  • Helps you to reach your full potential
For a one hour 121 session you will receive the book and cards£150
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To further your understanding attend a workshop, which consists of four hours training in person or zoom£150
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For best results you can book both£300
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To book to release further limiting beliefs (1 hour)£150
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You can book a taster session 15 mins£30
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If at the moment you can’t afford the 121 session or training then you can purchase the cards and book for £18 (includes postage)£18
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Learn the Balance Procedure

What is Included in the Training?

  • ACCREDITED The Balance Procedure workshop (2 x 2 hour workshops online or in person)


  • ACCREDITED Practitioner workshop in person or via zoom
  • Mentoring to complete 4 case studies of the Balance Procedure with your own clients
  • Assessment @ Certification for Practitioner including review of all case studies and feedback
  • 1-1 session
  • 5 CPD points for completion of the training
  • Confidence in explaining the Balance Procedure to others having reviewed the technique and technical knowledge
  • Carry out practical energy balancing sessions with ease with others. Another paid for services
  • Accredited practitioner who may offer the Balance Procedure as a technique to others as part of their own journey
  • Ability to buy books and symbol cards at wholesale prices and sell onto own clients and understand the Balance Procedure

Cost of the Training

£150 including certification and assessment, dates for the courses are always being updated. However if you don’t find one that’s convenient for you then please do contact me on either 07766286496 or email

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