Hear from the people Creating Health & Harmony have helped so far:

"I have had an initial Reiki session with Anne three weeks ago I was initiated into grades 1 & 2 and found this most enjoyable and fascinating, it opened my eyes to the healing that is available. I have also been treated with the Bowen Technique with excellent results, I found all the procedures most enlightening and cannot recommend Anne highly enough."

Dr David Anderson

"I would whole heartedly encourage anyone who is going through a period of transition in their lives, struggling to move forward, or experiencing any kind of stress or trauma to go and see Anne. She is very skilled at what she does and the multitude of treatments she offers means that she is able to call on a whole variety of expertise to help her clients, rather than being restricted to just one method which may not suit everyone. I was carrying a lot of emotional baggage with me from childhood and past relationships and Anne has helped me to recognise that old destructive habits and belief systems are having a negative impact on my life now. She has also helped me to revisit the past events that were making me anxious and inhibiting my self-esteem and deal with some of the issues that were holding me back in my business and my personal life. Anne is an extremely kind and positive person who’s warmth and wisdom is felt by all who meet her, clients and friends alike."

Joanne Bell

"I have been taking my 4 yr old son to Anne for reiki for just over 3 months. He had been experiencing ongoing fits of frustration, sadness, anger and night terrors, sometimes lasting hours and sore throats followed by tummy aches. It was a truly exhausting time for him and to those around him.

I brought him to Reiki in hopes it would help and it has. Just entering the peaceful room is soothing and Anne’s soft voice and gentle touch are just what he needs. I was not sure he would sit long enough for any treatment to help, but Anne involves him in conversations and mini games and is very patient with hi as he settles in. He adores Anne and the entire experience. Anne’s reiki has helped him release a lot of what I mentioned. Anne also told me to remove Wheat and Gluten from his diet, and his sort throat and tummy pains have gone. He is much more balanced and a happy little boy. His sleep and his anger have improved dramatically and he tells us he loves us daily with a lot of affection. A beautiful soul is emerging from under the rubble of sadness, anger and frustration that had been part of my son’s daily life. He has come a long way and reiki with Anne is one of the best tools.

Anne has truly been one of the great blessings of our lives. She has done wonders for my son. Since he began treatments with with Anne, his concentration and attitude have improved. I don’t know where either of us would be without Anne. I have continuously recommended Anne over and over again. And will continue to use her Reiki healing. I also took a Reiki course with Anne, a day course and I now can help myself with Reiki and heal situations that can affect my mindset and soul and also help my family."

Mrs Sahar Sawyer

"I appreciate many people will pass Reiki off as 'Mumbo Jumbo' or just coincidence, however I would say to these sceptics, if you do not try you will never know. You will be amazed at the positivity that comes from a session. It can help you get your self confidence and self belief back."

Suzanne Elsey, Furnishing Interiors

"We would like to thank Anne Duneclift for helping our son... She was caring, compassionate and thought provoking... enforcing positive feelings and dispersing the negatives... Anne used the the full range of techniques during the sessions... thank you Anne for all your help"

Mark Amis, Imageworx Limited

"Just before Christmas I was in agony with my back pain. I wasn't in a good place at all; physically mentally or emotional.I hit rock bottom - with excruciating pain in all my joints. Doctors visits, blood tests and very strong painkillers with terrible side effects, I decided this was not the solution.

I made an appointment with Anne, I was welcomed by a very friendly and smiley face. Anne listened to me and suggested we start with Bowen Therapy. I lay on the bed in her studio, calming music and soothing smells of essential oils relaxed me. I didn't know what to expect, "something between physio and osteopath but not chiro" I thought as Anne had explained it was gentle. However I  wasn't expecting it to be as gentle as it was. Anne applied light pressure to certain parts of my body with intervals of rest to relieve any blockages - none of the massaging, teasing manipulation of the body I'd prepared for myself. How will this work I thought? At the end of the session, I was advised to drink plenty of water and rest. Which I did - I slept for 3 hours surprisingly drained and tired considering the lack of exertion. Over the following couple of days, my pains eased and I was mobile again.

During the last 6 sessions I had a variation of the Bowen Therapy, Reiki and life Alignment. They helped me overcome the physical pain and manage the mental and emotional stress of my life. Through life Alignment and Reiki I have been able to tackle and resolve some of my personal 'baggage'. I have been able to explore and expose things that are holding me back and causing unhappiness, giving me a better understanding of how to deal with them.Anne, I thank you for all of this."